14 Fine Short Tracks.

Below we suggest a range of day walks (*from easy to harder) into the natural areas of the Coromandel Peninsula. They provide access to a cross section of the environments – both coastal and in the volcanic hills of the Peninsula. These will be linked to further details at a later date.

1. Kauaeranga Valley:Walks from easy to harder.
2. Waiomu Kauri Grove:Moderate, Thames Coast.
3. Mt Moehau: (Experienced groups only), harder.
4. 309 Kauri Grove Walk:Easy, Coromandel Township – Whitianga.
5. Wentworth Valley: Moderate, Whangamata.
6. Broken Hills: Moderate, Collins Drive Loop Walk, Puketui Valley.
7. Karangahake Walkway: Easy, Waikino to Karangahake.
8. Coromandel Walkway: Moderate, Fletchers Bay to Sandy Bay.
9. Long Bay Kauri and Coastal Walk: Easy, Coromandel / Colville.
10. New Chums Beach: Easy, Whangapoua.
11. Waitaia Bay Walk: Moderate, from Kuotunu Road, Mercury Bay.
12. Cooks Lookout to Ferry Landing: Easy, Mercury Bay.
13. Lynch Stream to Sailor’s Grave Coastal Walk: Moderate, Tairua.
14. Waimama Coastal Walk: Moderate, Whiritoa.

Coromandel, with its lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery, offers a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Among the myriad of outdoor activities available, Coromandel bush walks stand out as an immersive and rejuvenating experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Coromandel bush walks, exploring the trails less traveled and uncovering the hidden gems that make these walks a must for any nature lover.

  1. The Essence of Coromandel Bush Walks:
    • Nestled within the heart of the North Island, Coromandel boasts an array of bush walks that showcase the region’s diverse flora and fauna.
    • From towering kauri trees to native ferns and vibrant birdlife, each trail offers a unique blend of nature’s wonders.
  2. Top Coromandel Bush Walks to Explore:
    • Pinnacles Track: A challenging yet rewarding trek, the Pinnacles Track takes hikers through ancient forests and culminates in panoramic views of the Coromandel Peninsula.
    • Coromandel Coastal Walkway: Combining coastal beauty with native bush, this walkway provides an immersive experience along the shoreline.
  3. Planning Your Coromandel Bush Walk Adventure:
    • Seasonal Considerations: Different trails shine in different seasons. Plan your visit based on the weather, ensuring optimal conditions for your chosen walk.
    • Equipment and Attire: Comfortable hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and a backpack with essentials like water and snacks are essential for a successful bush walk.
  4. Wildlife Encounters:
    • Coromandel’s bush walks offer a chance to encounter unique wildlife. From the distinctive call of native birds to the elusive forest-dwelling creatures, every step brings you closer to nature.
  5. Conservation Efforts in Coromandel:
    • Learn about the conservation initiatives in place to protect the natural beauty of Coromandel. Understand the importance of responsible hiking to preserve these pristine environments for future generations.
  6. Local Tips and Recommendations:
    • Discover insider tips from seasoned hikers, including the best times to visit specific trails and lesser-known gems off the beaten path.
    • Explore nearby accommodation options, ensuring a comfortable stay during your Coromandel adventure.


Whatever the type of walk you embark on, or the weather, take warm, dry clothing, a guide or map, wear sound footwear, and tell someone of your intentions.