The allure of stepping into nature, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the breathtaking beauty of scenic landscapes await you at the Coromandel Peninsula. This famed New Zealand locale is not just a tourist attraction but a sanctuary for camping enthusiasts seeking an escape to a world where nature’s elegance is the backdrop.

With pristine coastlines, secluded bays, and verdant forests, the peninsula offers an eclectic mix of campsites that cater to the unique preferences of every outdoor lover. 

Whether it’s a tranquil retreat or an adventurous outing, each site is infused with a distinct charm, promising an experience that transcends the conventional camping expedition. Every visit serves as a gentle reminder of life’s simple yet profound pleasures.

The Unparalleled Joy of Camping

There is something innately rejuvenating about the simplicity and authenticity of a camping experience. It transcends the mundane and the ordinary, catapulting you into a realm where the ambient sounds of nature compose a melodious symphony, and the sprawling landscapes paint a picturesque tableau of aesthetic splendor. The Coromandel region, with its diverse natural habitats, serves as a canvas where these ethereal experiences come to life.

The Quintessence of Coromandel’s Campsites

In the Coromandel Peninsula, the harmonious blend of immaculate coastlines, hidden bays, and luxuriant forests crafts an idyllic setting for camping. Days are adorned with exploratory hikes, serene kayaking sessions, the mystique of Hot Water Beach, and the iconic Cathedral Cove. 

Each campsite is enveloped in nature’s embrace, endowed with facilities that augment the outdoor experience while ensuring comfort and convenience.

Shelly Beach Holiday Park – A Haven of Tranquility

Imagine a serene escape adjacent to the scenic Shelly Beach, where the Top 10 Holiday Park promises an amalgamation of space, pristine facilities, and a peaceful environment. This haven, merely a short drive from Coromandel Town, unveils opportunities for aquatic adventures and serene bush walks, painting a canvas of diverse experiences against the backdrop of captivating sunsets.

Stony Bay – Nature’s Undisturbed Retreat

Secluded and serene, Stony Bay offers a retreat 55km north of the central township. As a spacious DOC site, it’s a sanctuary adorned with native flora, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and solitude. Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in a world where scenic coastal tracks and the exploration of rocky coastlines epitomize the outdoor experience.

Hahei Holiday Resort – Where Luxury Meets Nature 

Hahei Holiday Resort is a testament to the seamless blend of natural allure and luxury. Nestled seconds away from the exquisite Hahei Beach, the resort offers an array of accommodations, from grassy tent spots to beachfront caravan locales, adorned with contemporary amenities, and set within a landscape teeming with hibiscus flowers and pohutukawa trees.

Hot Water Beach Holiday Park – A Unique Encounter 

Situated a mere stroll away from the iconic Hot Water Beach, this holiday park is a portal to a distinct experience. Here, the natural hot springs that emerge through the beach sands craft a unique spectacle. The park, though secluded and devoid of cellular reception, compensates with immaculate facilities, an ambient atmosphere, and proximity to some of Coromandel’s most renowned natural attractions.

The Distinct Charm of Coromandel’s Camping Experiences

The Coromandel Peninsula isn’t just a geographical entity; it’s an experience, a diverse narrative where each campsite, trail, and beach tells a distinct tale. The harmony of natural beauty, abundant amenities, and proximity to iconic sites and attractions elevates Coromandel into a realm where every camping expedition transcends the ordinary, offering a multifaceted experience that lingers in memory.

Opoutere Coastal Camping – A Nature Lover’s Retreat

Opoutere Coastal Camping exemplifies the epitome of a pristine natural retreat, seamlessly blending the serene ambiance of white sandy beaches, lush native forests, and a tranquil estuary. Situated a mere 20 minutes north of Whangamata, this haven of nature offers a diverse selection of accommodation options including powered, non-powered sites, and cozy cabins.

The allure of the outdoors is profoundly accentuated here. A brief, three-minute walk through a mesmerizing pine forest unveils a five-kilometer stretch of immaculate beach, a sanctuary for an array of activities from tranquil swimming and adventurous surfing to reflective afternoon strolls. The vicinity also invites exploration via kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, while the nearby rock pools beckon for discovery.

Evenings at Opoutere are magical affairs. The spectacle of a jet-black sky, bespeckled with the radiant glow of stars, invites campers to unwind, cherishing the serene environment whilst indulging in the simple yet profound pleasures of nature’s nighttime canvas.

Coro Camping Whitianga – An Eco-Friendly Escape

Coro Camping, located in the serene landscape of Whitianga, is an oasis where the hustles of traffic and the stresses of work dissolve into the tranquil ambiance of nature. Nestled beside the enchanting Rangihau River, this eco-conscious campsite is defined by its private, lush settings that resonate with tranquility.

More akin to glamping, Coro Camping is equipped with amenities that blend comfort with the authentic experience of outdoor living. From queen-sized beds and a fully furnished camp kitchen to an inviting deck that basks in the sunshine, every element is curated for a wholesome experience.

Surrounded by panoramic views of the natural landscape, guests can indulge in refreshing dips in the river or venture to the nearby tavern. Proximity to the eastern side DOC track, a gateway to the iconic Pinnacles hike, further amplifies Coro’s allure as an adventurous yet peaceful retreat.

Waikawau Bay Campsite – A Community in Nature

Waikawau Bay Campsite, nestled in the Northern Coromandel, is a spacious accommodation option ideal for group retreats. Amidst the serene backdrop, the campsite offers both powered and non-powered sites, enhanced by an on-site store that caters to essential needs during the summer.

A short, leisurely walk grants access to the pristine beach, a realm where activities like swimming, fishing, and surfing converge to offer a diverse outdoor experience. Despite its secluded location, accessible via a gravel road, the campsite promises an escape that rewards every visitor with the profound richness of nature’s offerings.

Fletcher Bay Campground – Coastal and Farm Fusion 

Fletcher Bay Campground epitomizes diversity, blending the captivating allure of a coastline adorned with pohutukawa trees and the rustic charm of a farm backdrop. Located in Northern Coromandel, this DOC campground is a hub for water enthusiasts, offering an array of activities from kayaking, diving, and fishing to snorkeling.

Nearby walking trails, notably the path to Stony Bay on the Coromandel Walkway, offer exploration opportunities, unveiling the scenic beauty of the region. While the adjacent Fletcher Bay Backpackers provides an alternative accommodation option, the true essence of this locale lies in the immersive camping experience it offers.


In reflection, the Coromandel Peninsula emerges as a mosaic of diverse camping experiences, each unique, yet collectively painting a narrative of natural beauty, serenity, and adventure. From the pristine sanctuaries like Opoutere Coastal Camping that offer an intimate communion with nature to the eco-conscious elegance of Coro Camping Whitianga, every site is a chapter of an unfolding story.

Waikawau Bay Campsite and Fletcher Bay Campground further enrich this narrative, offering communal and diverse experiences respectively, set against the backdrop of Coromandel’s iconic landscapes. The intricate blend of coastal splendor, lush forests, and the rustic charm of farm settings encapsulate a camping journey that transcends the physical, venturing into an experiential realm of profound engagement with nature.