Since New Zealanders themselves are friendly and welcoming, they expect the same attitude and openness from tourists – live up to their expectations!

English is very well spoken in New Zealand, and a basic knowledge of the language will suffice.

There are no poisonous snakes and dangerous animals, but among the insects there are a small number of dangerous species. First, it is sand fleas – be careful on the beaches. Extremely dangerous species of spider – red katipo, found in the northern part of the country.
New Zealand’s national cuisine, food, celebrations, and restaurants
What is now New Zealand cuisine is fundamentally different from the traditional cooking of the Maori tribes.

If you are going to attend a religious institution or even a traditional Maori feast you needn’t worry about clothing: there are no prejudices about being overly revealing.

Photographs are free everywhere. The exceptions are places where there are forbidding signs. It is a good idea to ask permission to take pictures in a church or museum.

If you are choosing a country for a traveler with a disability, you will definitely find the islands of New Zealand comfortable and easy to move around.

The country is characterized by unsurpassed cleanliness of streets, beaches, and public places. You can not quarrel – moreover, you can get a fine for it.

You can eat dairy products, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables – no unsanitary conditions in New Zealand.

Strong alcohol can be purchased only in special stores Bottle Store. You can also go to catering establishments with your own alcohol, if you see the sign “BYO” at the entrance to the cafe.

New Zealand is a country with a low crime rate. If something is stolen, ask the police for a detailed report of what happened so that you can expect to receive proper compensation.

It is not difficult to buy tobacco, but cigarette prices are extremely high. This is due to the fact that the government is trying to come first among the non-smoking countries of the world.
What to visit with children in New Zealand
Holidays in New Zealand with children of all ages is not only possible, but also a good choice.

Another tip regarding smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all public places, in any transport, in hotels and in some of the cafes.

To avoid roaming costs, we recommend buying a Vodafone or Tudigris SIM upon arrival.

To recharge your mobile devices you will need adapters with three flat pins.

Many public places open at 7 a.m. and sometimes close even before 5 p.m. Plan for this time to do everything related to exchanging money, going to restaurants, buying groceries, and even filling up on gasoline.