New Zealand – the country at the edge of the world – is associated with high mountains, vast plains, magnificent waterfalls, mighty volcanoes and tropical forests. We’ve prepared for you 15 interesting facts which are the highlights of fascinating New Zealand.

The territory of New Zealand has not always been under the dominion of man, unlike most other lands of the planet. Only crossing the equator in the 13th century, pioneering Maori tribes settled here.

Now this country is considered one of the world’s most peaceful and safe countries. The near absence of corruption is also a positive trend.

New Zealand has a well-deserved status as a prosperous country with unspeakably beautiful nature. Limitless fields with grazing flocks of sheep, green picturesque hills, exceptional ecology, clear rivers – all this makes the New Zealand country a paradise on our planet.

In New Zealand you will not meet homeless people – both children and animals. This country is really so prosperous that citizens who wish to adopt must wait for a special queue to adopt a child. As for the animals, they are simply captured.

New Zealand is also known as a movie country. The “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies were filmed here. There is even a minister in the country’s Executive Council who is responsible for all activities related to these films.

The lifestyle of indigenous New Zealanders can be described as measured, or even slow. Inhabitants of this balanced country do not like to rush. That goes for work and life in general. It is not at all strange if someone will not answer your super important email for a month – it’s not a matter of busyness or money, but that you need to think and plan properly.

There are seven hundred islands in the territorial structure of New Zealand, but only sixty of them are inhabited. There are also nearly eight hundred lakes in this country.

You won’t find snakes, large predators, or poisonous insects in New Zealand. But there are more penguins than anywhere else on the planet.

New Zealand is also famous for its symbols, one of which is the kea, the highest mountain parrot in the world. These birds are used to live at an impressive altitude of fifteen hundred meters above sea level. Kea is distinguished from other birds also by its intelligence and is considered the most intelligent bird.

Sheep are very common in New Zealand. The number of these animals exceeds the population almost ten times (4.6 million citizens VS 40 million sheep).

Another famous symbol of New Zealand is the kiwi bird, which has no wings. The kiwi is found exclusively in New Zealand.

A third of the country is made up of national parks, which are under the watchful eye of the authorities. At the entrance you will definitely be offered to treat your shoes with a special solution, so as not to break the sterility and not to bring foreign bacteria into the park.