New Zealand is a country of fabulous beauty. If there was a paradise on Earth, it would be located here, in an emerald wonderland lost in the middle of the turquoise waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Two large islands, North and South, and a whole scattering of small picturesque islets (more than seven hundred in number) are not only cut off from the rest of the world, but also form a unique geographical region filled with unusual plants and animals.

Local waterfalls also bear little resemblance to their global counterparts. They are distinguished by their special elegance and grandeur, the brightness of fresh waters and the beauty of soft shades, the originality of the cascade structure and the unusual location in the middle of pristine subtropical and evergreen nature. Many of them are fed by the waters of local rivers and are located far from large cities. Most waterfalls are equipped with special viewing platforms, which are located at the foot or at the very top. The roads to the New Zealand water cascades are surrounded by picturesque landscapes – mountains, plains, valleys, fjords and rivers.

Mount Damper Falls

The seventy-four meter high Damper Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the North Island. Located away from large settlements, it allows you to admire its straight, steep falls in a peaceful atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The water flowing over the rocks creates bizarre visual effects – flowing silver, a rainbow shimmering with all the colors, a subtropical downpour.

Bridal Veil Falls (Waikato)

Bridal Veil Falls is called the “Wedding Veil” for a reason. The trajectory of the water falling is amazingly reminiscent of a light bridal veil. A staircase with three hundred steps leads to the foot of the waterfall. It is best to admire Bridal Veil from afar. Up close, especially from above, it seems quite tiny. Meanwhile, it is one of the most picturesque and majestic waterfalls in New Zealand, falling through a large amphitheater of rocks from a height of 55 meters.

Wairere Falls

Wairere Falls is the highest waterfall on the North Island of New Zealand. The water in it falls in two stages from a height of 153 meters. The waterfall is reached by a convenient walking path consisting of moss-covered stones and tree roots. Over time, it turns into a staircase that can be used to reach the top of the hill, which offers a beautiful view of the local plains. In the spring, the Wairere falls against the backdrop of blooming apricots surrounding the rocky bed of the waterfall.

Huka Falls

Located in the Wairakei Park, Huka Falls is formed by the rapid flow of the Waikato River, which sharply narrows from one hundred to fifteen meters. Every second, 220 thousand liters of water pass through this section. The most beautiful part of the Huka Falls is located on the last, eleven-meter step. The river water here is whipped into a snow-white, lush foam and rainbow splashes.