New Zealand is made up of some 700 islands and small islands that are home to strange and sometimes mysterious animals, plants, and birds. This country makes the heart sink with a sense of unseen wonder. Not surprisingly, this is where Hobbiton Village is located. Once a setting for a cult movie, it has evolved over time into an original attraction that attracts a large number of Tolkien fans, role-playing enthusiasts and simply curious tourists every year.

History of the creation of Hobbiton

The embodiment of the fantasy of the famous writer the audience saw in a series of films directed by Peter Jackson. The creation of studio scenery did not satisfy him, and the search for nature began. The choice came to the wonderful landscapes of New Zealand, for the village of hobbits looked hilly terrain on the territory belonging to farmers Alexander.

After a brief negotiation, the brothers gave permission to use the land. Despite the lucrative business of raising cattle and small ruminants, the farmers were receptive to the idea, and construction began to gain momentum.

Instead of the usual cardboard houses and wood-painted canvases, 37 real cave-like holes were dug in the hills, round doors with fancy handles were hung, surroundings were created to accommodate the inhabitants’ height, paths were paved and tracery bridges were thrown over the ditches. Even the gardens and small vegetable gardens are real.

Hobbiton Park in New Zealand is located on the North Island. From the town of Matamata it is about 10 km.

Description of Hobbiton

The real houses of nonexistent creatures are still hidden deep in the hills, the famous pine tree can be seen from anywhere, the hobbiton map shows how to get to the house of the main character. The setting is so real that in the evening, as dusk gradually descends, you can imagine Gorloom sneaking among the trees, searching for “his charms.”

A great deal of effort and resources were expended in building Hobbiton Village. Not without the help of the army, which paved the road from the parking lot to the first houses. In addition to the soldiers, about 400 people worked on the construction.


The houses-noirs retain the furnishings found in the movies. Amazing semicircular passages, low tables and almost toy chairs nevertheless give the impression of the real thing.

Excursions to Hobbiton

Despite the obvious benefits of visiting tourists, the owners were unhappy with their uncontrolled movement around the grounds. It’s hard to focus on day-to-day activities when 250-300 people arrive each day wanting to see a local attraction. A compromise was reached when scheduled tours at the Hobbiton theme park began in English and other languages. They last an average of two hours. During this time, visitors have time to see the most interesting objects, visit the market and have a bite to eat in the cafe.